SALT Microfinance Solutions

SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. This CAM program reaches out to impoverished people through microloans, savings groups, and agricultural programs. Our goal is to walk alongside clients, helping them use the resources God has placed in their care and teaching them the importance of following Jesus in everyday life.

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Sowing seeds through SALT savings groups

SALT savings groups provide a means through which individuals and families are given a chance to escape poverty’s clutch. Simply giving handouts is not the best answer in some situations, since material aid can easily create dependence. Our goal with savings groups is to empower people to use their resources and abilities to provide for… Read more…

Inspiring strong church communities

God’s primary strategy for working in our world, even for alleviating poverty, is through believers. Ideally, these are local believers who can best evaluate needs and help their people most effectively. Our role in SALT* Microfinance Solutions is to walk beside church communities in developing countries, helping believers in these settings to instruct their own… Read more…

SALT brings spiritual and economic help to Namibia

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