Billboard Evangelism

To remind people of God and His truth, CAM has posted billboards messages across Canada. Many people call our toll-free number, searching for answers about God, the Bible, and life issues.

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Monthly Sponsorship

Yes, I intend to give monthly donations to help put simple, convicting Gospel messages on billboards along major highways and other public places.


Canadian culture is a society on wheels. People spend a lot of time on the road, rushing to their destinations and back home again. A national survey (1) in 2011 revealed that Canadian commuters spend and average of 25.4 minutes travelling to work each business day. 17.2% of these drivers took 45 minutes or more to get to their place of daily business. Although Canada is significantly less populated than the United States, North America’s busiest highway (2) in terms of traffic volume is in our nation – Highway #401. This corridor stretches 897 km from the Detroit-Windsor international border to the eastern border of Quebec. It is estimated that about one-half of Canada-USA trade reach their markets along this highway. Other busy highways include Hwy.138 in Quebec, Hwy.2 in Alberta and Hwy.1 in B.C.

In every vehicle on Canadian roads is a minimum of one occupant – the driver. Millions of people experience daily driving time, and have these precious moments of quietness to think thoughts and prepare for the day. This situation is a prime opportunity for CAM’s gospel messages to plant the seed of truth into the hearts of people. The message of the gospel is not a neutral subject. The short bulletin on our billboards is designed to stir the hearts of people and turn their minds to the most important subjects in life – God, the Bible, and the condition of their eternal souls. A team of dedicated men is available each day to take phone calls, answer questions, pray with people and direct seekers to the truth of God’s Word.

Although there are much fewer billboards here as compared to the USA, the goal of Billboard Evangelism is to expand this ministry into Canada. We are using the interest of CAM supporters as an indicator of God’s will where it concerns adding more billboards on Canadian soil. Each donated dollar, and especially sponsorships which offer predictable support each month, will help to offer direction in the future of BBE-Canada. Please pray that this ministry would truly be a “salt of the earth” (Matt:5:13) and turn men’s hearts to Jesus.

(1) National Household Survey (NHS) 2011, Statistics Canada
(2) Canada Alive,


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