Reapers of Hope Food Drying

With a variety of dried vegetables, CAM volunteers assemble a dried soup mix to help feed the hungry in the world.
Funds also are needed to help pay the expenses at Reapers of Hope. It is estimated that each dollar will cover more than 7 meal servings!

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Yes, I intend to give monthly donations to help provide dried vegetable soup mix for orphanages, schools, and needy people in various countries.


A Vision in Action for the Glory of God

Reapers of Hope is a subsidiary of Christian Aid Ministries Canada. Located in Moorefield Ontario, this food drying facility produces a dried mixed vegetable soup mix for international distribution.

Would you like to get involved?
You are welcome to join our ranks as a dedicated volunteer. You can either choose to volunteer as an individual or you can arrange for a group from your community – workplace, school, church or neighbourhood – to come and help with the work. Tasks include trimming and preparing vegetables, and packaging.

It starts with a phone call to Christian Aid Ministries Canada: (519) 638 0829. Please share your aspiration to serve at Reapers of Hope with the friendly person who answers the phone, and you will be transferred to our Volunteer Coordinator. He will provide you with the information you need and help you plan your contribution to the work.

Why vegetable soup?
√ Rich in nutrition

√ Adaptable to cultural food preferences

√ Logistically durable

Testimony from Cuba:
You can’t find anything like [this soup mix] here in Cuba. It’s high quality and nutritious. It’s been a blessing to our entire community, and now the church is a beacon of hope. We give God all the glory and thank you for your gift.

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