Through this program, thousand of families have been able to start or expand their businesses that provide them with a regular income. This is a dream come true for many families. Recipients have used their Family-Self-Support funds to build greenhouses, purchase livestock or tractors, expand constructions businesses, start taxi services, and much more.

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Family Self Support (International) Important to CAM Canada is the goal of helping Christian families support themselves, rather than depend on material aid. In Romania, Ukraine, and some other countries, this program provides a means of income to individuals and families. The funds from this program help people purchase a plot of land, a horse and wagon, a cow or other livestock, or tools and equipment. This program has been very successful in helping people start a small repair or manufacturing business, or a commercial greenhouse operation. When the recipients of this program have established a profitable venture, they then also have the opportunity to help other needy people in their communities.

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