Ada,* a young Liberian mother, found herself abandoned, forced to provide for her seven children alone. How could she earn a living while making sure her children were cared for? Her youngest daughters were quadruplets, not even one year old.

Ada’s husband deserted her and their seven children last January. Ada, who was raised in a non-Christian home, had received compassionate care from believers in a local hospital. She had found herself drawn to the love and peace found in Jesus. Angered by her decision to follow Christ, her husband and many of her family members rejected her.

As an abandoned mother in Liberia, Ada faced limited options. Young Liberian mothers like her often struggle to find job opportunities and are vulnerable to abuse. With few alternatives, Ada resorted to begging. Once a week she took her seven children to town and found a place to beg by the street.

A local pastor noticed this vulnerable mother and her struggle to provide. Although he tried to support her, his own resources were limited.

Ada came to the CAM base in Liberia last summer to look for help. She was struggling to feed her children, and her quadruplet daughters had been treated in a hospital for malnutrition. Ada was able to receive a food parcel, along with nutritional drink for her daughters.

But Ada realized that for long-term change, she needed to find a way to provide for herself. In August 2022, CAM staff members sat down with Ada, asking questions and helping her set up a business plan. Through supporters’ funds for the Family- Self-Support program, she received three months’ supply of flour, oil, sugar, and other ingredients to start a small baking business. She uses these supplies to make kola, a little donut which Liberians eat for breakfast. Ada bakes the kola in the local pastor’s kitchen. His wife has opened her doors to the young mother, allowing her to use her stove and other kitchen items.

This opportunity to provide for her family has helped restore Ada’s hope. Every few weeks, she calls our office in Liberia to say thank you for the help she received. Recently she told staff members that her profits allowed her to buy more supplies to keep her small business running. “She was very happy and grateful,” said a staff member. Thank you, supporters, for helping this rejected mother receive the gift of opportunity!

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