Daniel was raised in a Christian home in Romania and never had the opportunity to go to school. He grew up with nine siblings and spent most of his childhood working to provide for his family.

After getting married, Daniel and his wife Maria lived in a tiny two-room shepherd’s house. Daniel tended sheep and goats for a small wage that barely covered their expenses. In 2014, the couple and their two young children started receiving monthly food parcels through CAM.

Daniel purchased two sheep in 2015 with help from Christian workers. He worked hard to increase his flock, but struggled to make ends meet. In 2020, the Family Self  Support program provided $4,750 for Daniel to purchase 73 sheep, along with lumber to build a shelter for the sheep.

By this year, Daniel, Maria, and their five children have increased their flock to 90 sheep and goats. They sell cheese and other dairy products, as well as some lambs. With their increased income, they added rooms to their house and replaced the roof. Life is still far from easy, but Daniel and Maria are grateful for the help that enabled them to start their own business.

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