Bibles for the World

At the heart of CAM programs is the goal to get the Gospel message into as many hands as possible. To spread the words of truth, we also use the avenues of Bible storybooks, inspirational books, Christian family magazines, and Bible correspondence courses.

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Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I intend to give monthly donations to help provide Bibles, New Testaments, Bible storybooks, and Christian literature around the world.


From Christians living under oppressive governments, to elderly people in European villages, from tribal groups in Africa, to schoolchildren in South America—God’s Word is inspiring, challenging, and changing lives. Across the world, the demand for Bibles is nearly unending. Our desire is to place God’s Word into as many hands as possible. Thank you for your role in helping people across the globe receive the life-changing Word!

Your support helps provide Bibles, as well as New Testaments, Bible story books, and other Bible-teaching materials.

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