“You are under arrest!” Twenty-two-year-old Rahul’s* heart pounded in shock as the police officers’ words rang through his front door. Although they pleaded that he was innocent of the murder charges, their pleas went unheeded. Rahul was forced into prison. In agony he thought, I will spend the rest of my life in this jail.

Discouraged, Rahul’s mother shared her son’s painful story with a local pastor. The pastor prayed for him and suggested she give a Bible to her son.

In prison, Rahul began to read the Bible his mother gave him. The Lord spoke to him as he read and prayed daily, and he wept before God with a broken heart.

After Rahul spent seven months behind bars, the Lord worked a miracle and he was released. Rahul was changed by the grace of God he had experienced in prison, and he committed to live the rest of his life for the Lord. God allowed a false accusation to bring Rahul to a place of surrender to Him.

Pray that Rahul’s family and others in their village would experience God’s love and also turn to the Lord.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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