Natanael and Elizabeth from Nicaragua joined a SALT Microloan group in February 2021. Financial teachings at the weekly meetings help them make wise decisions as they look for ways to increase their income. With a small business loan from their SALT Microloan group, the couple invested in supplies for Elizabeth’s sewing business. They also used part of the loan to buy supplies to raise pigs. 

Natanael and Elizabeth Téllez know firsthand what it’s like to run a small business in a developing country. Before joining the SALT Microloan group, lack of capital limited their possibility to expand and make needed equipment improvements. 

 Natanael works as a street vendor selling bread from a large basket mounted on his bike. He bikes about 18 miles a day to sell his bread in local communities. He hopes to save enough money this year to buy a motorbike to use instead of a bicycle. 

This year the couple also plans to improve their farmyard where they raise pigs, chickens, and geese. Sometime in the future, they want to add a cow to their little farm. Without the teachings and structure of the SALT program, many of these improvements to their small businesses and farm would be difficult to make on their own. 

 Natanael and Elizabeth report that the Biblical teaching from their microloan meetings are helping them grow spiritually. They are grateful to God for the help they have received through the SALT program.

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