Haitian farmers are excited about a new variety of bean they learned about through CAM’s SALT Agri-Plus program. Lomond, a farmer in the mountains of Haiti, planted a test plot with two bean varieties. Lomond planted some of his previous kind and some of the new variety.

When harvest time came, the new variety yielded 57 percent more than the other. When Lomond’s neighbors saw his success, they requested some beans to plant in their own plots. Lomond gave them some seeds to help them get started. He also sold some additional seeds to them and others to help provide for himself.

CAM’s SALT Agri-Plus program helps farmers increase their yields. Our goal is to help them find ways to better utilize their land through improved, yet sustainable, farming techniques. SALT facilitators also teach Biblical principles at their regular meetings. Agri-Plus operates in Haiti and Ghana and we are working to start the program in various other countries.

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