Peter lives in Ghana, West Africa, and is one of seven beekeepers in a SALT Agri-Plus group. Before joining the group, Peter kept his bees in a traditional clay pot hive. He had to break the clay pot to extract the honey at harvest time, destroying the bees’ colony and forcing them to re-establish their hive after every harvest.

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One of Peter’s traditional clay pot beehive.

 At each monthly SALT Agri-Plus meeting, Peter and the other members receive practical teaching on beekeeping. They learn how to harvest honey using specially designed concrete hives made by a local mason. Throughout each practical lesson, the SALT facilitators also weave Biblical truth. 

 Implementing this Agri-Plus training enables Peter to harvest twice as much honey as before, while preserving the bee colony. Because the honey is cleaner, its sales value is also higher. These changes are possible because of your support and interest. Thank you!

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