Reapers of Hope Food Drying Program

CAM is excited to launch our Reapers of Hope food drying program. Growers and others donate surplus or non-marketable produce for this project.

When the vegetables arrive, they are stored in a cooler until ready to process them. Next, many bags of produce must be opened. The vegetables are then dumped into the washer to remove any dirt. Cutting boards and two long conveyor belts in the cutting room efficiently provide an area for the vegetables to be trimmed and chopped in preparation for the dicer.

Volunteers feed the vegetables onto the top conveyor belts, trim vegetables, as well as provide containers to collect the trimmed vegetables as they return on the bottom belt, which are then diced and dried.

With a variety of dried vegetables, CAM volunteers assemble a dried soup mix to help feed the hungry in the world.

CAM recognizes that we are only a channel from the giver to the recipient. We need our volunteers and are grateful for each one. Funds also are needed to help pay the expenses at Reapers of Hope. It is estimated that each dollar will cover more than 7 meal servings!

If you feel lead to share online you may use the links below.

Yes, I intend to give monthly donations to help provide dried vegetable soup mix for orphanages, schools, and needy people in various countries.