“We fled death only to find refuge in this place,” Majed* said bitterly. War forced this Yemeni father and his family from home, and now they live in a building with walls battered by bombs and a roof made of makeshift cloth. Tears came to his eyes as he told of the struggle to support his family with the meager income he earns by collecting metal and plastic cans to sell.

Our contacts were able to give a food parcel to Majed and his family. After receiving the parcel, Majed sat on the ground, shedding tears of gratitude. “This is the first time I see someone reaching out, understanding my pain since the beginning of the war,” he said.

Majed and many others are grateful for the generosity of those who contribute to Food for War-Torn Yemen. Your gift of love offers solace to Yemenis living in constant strife and fear.

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