World Hunger Fund

The world Hunger Fund enables CAM to respond to food related requests. To provide food and food-producing resources for desperately poor families in India, suffering people in war-torn Yemen, struggling families in former Soviet countries, and other areas without sufficient food around the world.

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Monthly Sponsorship

Yes, I intend to give monthly donations to help provide food and food-producing recources for desperately poor families and others without sufficient food.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CAM supporters provided millions of pounds of food for the hungry through the Coronavirus Crisis Care program. Although the pandemic has subsided, we continue to see a desperate need for food. This increasing cry for food is driven by the war in Ukraine, drought in East Africa, rampant inflation, and various other causes. Because of this, we transitioned from Coronavirus Crisis Care to the World Hunger Fund in 2022.

Your support of the World Hunger Fund enables us to respond to pressing food needs around the world. As our staff and contacts distribute physical nourishment, doors open to share spiritual nourishment in Christ. After a widowed mother in Belarus received food, she exclaimed, “There is a God in the world! . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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