From deep inside an appalling Haitian prison, desperate cries for water could be heard. A few days had passed since the prisoners had eaten food or drank water. Because of gang activity in the area, people were afraid to travel to the prison to bring much-needed food and water.

Through the World Hunger Fund, contacts were able to provide food to this prison in Croix-des- ouquets, Haiti. Inmates were overcome with joy as the aroma of rice, beans, and fried chicken wafted down the prison corridors. Because these Christians risked their lives to bring food, the prisoners understood that Jesus’ love was real. Many inmates opened their hearts as Christian workers ministered to them and shared the Gospel. That day, four prisoners knelt in their cells, saying they wanted to become followers of Jesus. They testified that if they had found Jesus earlier, they would never have committed the crimes that placed them behind the bars of this dreadful place.

Please pray for our contacts in Haiti as they face danger and tremendous needs. Pray for safety and wisdom as they minister throughout the country.


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