Clothing Bundle Project

This program ships large amounts of quality used clothing and footwear and thousands of comforters each year. The items are donated by generous supporters.

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Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I intend to give monthly donations to help supply clothing for needy people in various countries. $69 ships 125 pounds of clothing, footwear, and comforters.


Small children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to freezing temperatures. For those who cannot afford to adequately heat their houses, warm clothes and blankets are vital. But new clothes are expensive, and many families try to survive without sufficient coats or blankets.

Generous people within the local community often spend many hours making comforters and quilts for underprivileged people throughout the world.

All if these items are sorted, bagged, and bales in 45 kg (100lbs) bundles by many volunteers at CAM Canada’s warehouse. Funds received for this program cover the costs for packaging the clothing, transporting the loaded containers to the destination, as well as distributions in the needy countries. This program is a very practical way to help many people facing difficult economic situation in some countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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Clothing Bundle Project

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