A sudden stroke brought a quick end to 60-year-old Sharad’s construction career, leaving him bedridden and without and income to support his family. After that, the family gained their income from a grain mill managed by his wife. However, when the grain mill malfunctioned, the family’s suffering only intensified.

When our contacts visited Sharad’s home they were greeted by his tearful wife. She expressed her pain and inability to afford medical treatment for her husband. She led them to the room where her paralyzed husband lay. When they entered, Sharad wore a smiling face, clean clothes, and clear signs of gratitude and love for his wife. Sharad cried with gratefulness when he heard a gift of food and essential supplies would arrive shortly. Raising his hand to the sky, he asked God to pour out abundant mercy, good health, happiness, and blessings on his visitors.

Nine years of conflict

Many people in Yemen face situations similar to Sharad and his wife. Yemen’s civil war erupted in 2015 and has displaced millions of people, forcing them to leave their home areas for safer parts of the country.

Yemen’s shattered economy has made it difficult for people to earn an income and to feed their families. Malnutrition and a lack of clean, accessible water leaves Yemenis susceptible to diseases like cholera and measles. With limited health facilities and unaffordable treatment, these conditions become life-threatening.

Open doors to show love and compassion

Despite the unrest, God has opened doors so that many Yemenis can see Christ’s love in action. CAM works through contacts who provide food, water systems, kits, clothing, adult briefs, and other aid to struggling Yemenis. The recipients of these items are grateful to supporters for their love and kindness to them in their time of need. One recipient said, “Rest assured we will never forget those who have assisted us . . .” May God bless each one of you for caring!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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