We might wonder how we will squeeze another 20 pounds of fresh hamburger into a full freezer while elderly people in Kenya, Africa, wonder if they will have food for tomorrow. James Odongo is a 65-year-old who lives in a small one-room apartment in Nakuru, Kenya. This tiny space is home for him, his wife, and four grandchildren.

He does whatever work he can find around the community to support his household. But he is never sure of tomorrow. Will he be able to buy enough water from the public tap and food for the next meal? Amidst the hardships, James expresses trust in God.

God’s provision sometimes appears in the form of a food parcel through the Help for the Elderly program. “Thanks for the food given,” said James. “Now I have food for today. May God add peace to the giver.”

Elphas also makes his home in Nakuru. This 70-year-old man lives with his wife in a two-room mud and stick house. The small house adds a big challenge to their daily struggle. They live in the one room and Elphas uses the other room as a shop to sell a few things such as charcoal. He does whatever jobs are available for a small salary.

The two-room mud house where Elphas and his wife live.

Elphas is a deacon in the church and affirms that he is saved by Christ. When asked if the food parcel would be beneficial, he joyfully replied, “The gift is mine to use. I will use it!”  Elphas also says to the donors, “Thank you for what I have received.” Your funds have made this possible. Thank you, supporters!

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Monthly Sponsorship

$59 provides a 25-pound food parcel and $10 cash or its equivalent in food items for a needy aged person(s)