Pablo and Johann* live in Peru, a country in South America. There, many children don’t have a lot of toys and books, so the mountains become their friends. They play on the rugged paths that zigzag up to their mud houses.

The two boys go to a little school in town. One day while Pablo and Johann were studying, some friendly visitors came. They brought a gift for each of the students. It was a shiny, new Bible story book from CAM. The students in this school hardly had books to call their own, much less ones with Bible stories.

Pablo and Johann were excited about their gifts! They clutched them tightly as they hurried home after school. When they showed their mom the gifts, she was excited too. She could use this book to teach the neighbor children about Jesus!

So every Sunday, Pablo and Johann’s mom invited friends to their house for Sunday school. They would read about how God protected Daniel while he was in the lions’ den, how the wise men visited Jesus when He was a baby, and other Bible stories.

The neighbor children wanted to hear more of the stories, so Pablo let his friend borrow the book until the next Sunday. That week, the precious Bible story book was stolen! Johann, Pablo, and their friends were very sad. Now what would they do? There were no more Bible stories to read because Johann’s book had been borrowed by someone else.

But Johann and Pablo’s mom knew what to do. She said, “Children, let’s pray and ask God to provide a book for our Sunday school. He wants us to know about Him. He tells us to ask for what we need. If we ask Him, surely He will provide a book for our class.” So the boys’ mom and the children bowed their heads and asked God to send them another Bible story book.

Would Jesus answer their prayer?

Sometime later, God reminded Pablo and Johann’s mom about an address they had seen in the front of the book. Maybe if she wrote to these people, they would send them another book. And they did! Before long, two men came to visit them. Not only did they bring one Bible story book to replace Pablo’s stolen one, but they brought enough so that all the children in the Sunday school class could have one. God had answered their prayer beyond what they had prayed for!

When the men were finished passing out the books, the children bowed their heads and thanked God for answering their prayer. They thanked Him for sending them books to help them learn about Jesus.

*Actual names not used.

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