How is the pandemic affecting people in Israel and the Palestinian territories?

The coronavirus pandemic brought much of the world to a near standstill, including the land of the Bible. Bethlehem, which depends heavily on tourism, has come to a sudden halt. This normally bustling historic city now resembles a ghost town. Thirty percent of the population works with tourists, but now these workers are stuck at home with no income. Even after some of the lockdown regulations are lifted, tourism will likely be one of the last industries to reopen.

Christians are largely affected by this since they are often employed in the tourist industry. Many fathers already struggled to make a living before the crisis. The elderly and widows were already vulnerable. Now many of them frequently run out of food and cry out to God for help.

 What is CAM doing to help?

Recently CAM began distributing food parcels to people who often need to choose between buying food or other essentials. One family who saved their money for food couldn’t afford to pay their electric bill. “Today was the last day for electricity,” they told a CAM staff member who provided them with a food parcel. “This is perfect timing.”

Another family had nothing left to eat except pasta. They had been eating it for two days before a food parcel arrived from CAM. A family member said, “My family and I want to thank God first and thank you very much.”

CAM has also been distributing face masks, infant formula, children’s diapers, medicines, and other items in Israel and the Palestinian territories. A home for the handicapped that recently had its support cut off from Italy was extremely grateful for the assistance from CAM.

Masks are currently an item of demand in many places including Jerusalem. People there are required to wear face masks whenever they are in public. Even though residents are restricted from traveling farther than 109 yards from their homes, many people still need masks. CAM is distributing 10,000 face masks to homes for the elderly and people living in villages.

 Your prayers make a difference!

Our staff and contacts face many challenges as they try to distribute aid amidst the restrictions. With official letters and magnetic stickers on their vehicles, they are often able to access areas. But sometimes they need to meet aid recipients beside barricaded roads. Pray that God would give them safety and wisdom as they travel.

Pray also for CAM staff and contacts in other parts of the world who are working with needs. The Bible Lands project is one of many needs resulting from coronavirus pandemic . We are currently sifting through requests for help from staff and contacts in more than twenty countries. We need wisdom from God to know who and how to help.

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Coronavirus Crisis Care Project

These funds will help provide food, preventative supplies, medicines, Christian literature and other support for those affected by coronavirus.