The children’s eyes sparkle with excitement. A bundle of clothing has just arrived at the Paraschiv home. Smiles light up their faces as they dig through the CAM clothing bundle. They discover shirts, dresses, sweaters, and shoes that fit them! The clothes have arrived just in time for school and the long winter that is approaching.

The season ahead presents a big hurdle for those living on a shoestring budget. School tuition, heating costs, and other expenses leave little cash to buy new or used clothing for growing children.


Romanian widow benefits from Clothing Bundle Project

Marinela Paraschiv knows these challenges all too well. With ten children to feed and four of them in school, making ends meet is difficult. It is especially difficult as she carries this burden alone.

Several years ago, Marinela’s husband walked away from his faith in God. He left his wife and ten children to fend for themselves. Their home, tucked away in a remote area of Romania, is thirty miles from any town. Since the fall of communism, those living farther from town have an even harder time coming up with the cash needed to raise a family. The cost of living is high and jobs are extremely difficult to find.
The demands of mother­hood keep Marinela at home most of the time. But her older children work odd jobs to earn some cash. Because many other people also need work, finding even small jobs is difficult. Some days they beg the local pastor to let them help sort vegetables. Other days, they pick up trash at the mayor’s office. All this effort brings in just a few dollars a day.

With such a small income, the gift of clothing is a great blessing for the Paraschiv family. It’s a way that God uses His people to provide love and warmth for these fatherless children. The money the family saves from buying clothes can be used to buy medicines, food, school supplies, and other necessities. Marinela’s heart overflows with gratitude as she profusely thanks all those involved in this work of the Lord.


A huge help for needy families

“Used clothing is still a huge help for certain families because they don’t have much of an income even though they are trying,” a staff member in Romania shared. “Families who have school-age children and no steady job value the bags of clothing they receive. We hear many moms and dads telling us how grateful they are, and how they see the hand of God at work in spite of their difficulties.” Thank you, supporters, for sharing hope and bringing joy to families through the gift of clothing!

“The clothes are great, and they almost all fit . . . God saw what we needed. We rejoice and thank God for your work.” –Clothing bundle recipient

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