“When can I go home?” More than 100 million displaced people around the world long for an answer to this question. Many fled their homes because of conflict, persecution, or famine. Returning is often difficult and sometimes nearly impossible.

In the Middle East, Theraya’s* husband and twin children died during the war in their hometown. One day her teenage son went to look for food and never returned. Theraya tried to look for him, but the danger was too great.

Now she and her remaining children live in a tent in a refugee camp. When CAM staff members assisted with medical care in this camp, they visited Theraya to evaluate her seizures and headaches. She graciously welcomed them and often insisted that they stay for lunch even though she struggles to provide for her family.

Displaced people like Theraya and her children are forced to live as outcasts in the shadow of an uncertain future. We pray they will discover the security of belonging to God’s kingdom.

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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