Do you want to help with needs around the world but aren’t sure where to start? CAM’s Where Needed Most fund will allow you to help with various needs in various places without needing to choose where and who to help.

For CAM, this fund is important because it provides flexibility to cover for programs that don’t receive sufficient funding otherwise.

The needs for Christian literature and spiritual teaching are almost unending, and the funds specified for these programs don’t nearly reach the demands. Although we are unable to completely meet the huge need for Bibles, Bible story books, Christian literature, and Gospel billboards, a large percentage of Where Needed Most funds help fill in some of the gaps.

General administration and fundraising costs also come out of the Where Needed Most fund. Without this fund, the organization could not operate.

Monthly Sponsorship

Yes, I intend to give monthly donations to be used where funds are needed most. I understand my contribution will be used for administration, shipping, or any one of the programs CAM Canada supports.