Have you ever thought what it would be like to drink water out of a dirty pond? What about taking a bath in muddy water? For many children in Cambodia, this is normal. Their water comes from muddy ponds, rivers, and lakes. They use this water to cook with and bathe in. Often, they even drink this water.Using this dirty water can make people sick. Sometimes people even die from sicknesses they got from dirty water.

Christian Aid Ministries provides funds to drill wells for poor families in Cambodia. The gift of clean water is a big blessing!

Christian Aid Ministries

False God

Many people in Cambodia have never heard about Jesus. They offer incense and worship false gods like this one on the left. When Christians came to drill wells for these people, they told them about the only true God in heaven. Now some of them have turned from false gods and are following Jesus.

Christian Aid Ministries

Houses during dry season.

Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries

Houses during rainy season.

Many children in Cambodia live in houses like those pictured above. During the dry season, there is dry ground around their houses. But when it rains, the whole area turns into a lake. People can bring their boats right up to the ladder that goes up into their houses. Many people use the dirty water around their homes to wash their clothes and cook their food. If you would visit this community, in the morning you might even see someone standing in the water, using the dirty water to brush their teeth! But they have no other choice since this is the only water they have.

Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries

Dirty well water.

. . . or cook their food with water that looks like this. They say, “We sure like the clean water we can get from our own well.”

Cambodia, Christian Aid Ministries

New clean water well.

New wells are a huge blessing to these people! Now they no longer need to use the dirty water that makes them get sick. They no longer need to wash their clothes with muddy water . . .

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