Imagine lacking the simple comfort of a warm house on a wintry night. This scenario is a harsh reality to many Ukrainians. Ukraine is home to long, bitter winters. Temperatures often reach negative 20°F.

Countless families, widows, and other Ukrainians cannot afford to heat an entire house. Instead, they use their small stoves or limited supply of firewood or coal to keep only part of their home above freezing. They wear multiple layers of clothing to keep out the chill. The high cost of firewood and other heating supplies makes it difficult for families and individuals to stretch their incomes to cover heating costs as well as food, clothing, or medical expenses.

Antin* is a Ukrainian father of three young children. He used to travel to Poland to work, but then COVID-19 restrictions kept him from making these trips and cut off his source of income.

Antin’s family faced the question, “What will we do?” Their breadwinner had no job to support them, and winter was coming! The family prayed about their desperate situation, asking God to somehow help them through the upcoming winter.

God used the Warm-A-Family program to meet their needs. When firewood was delivered to Antin’s home, his family exclaimed, “It is a big blessing to receive this help through donors who are fellow believers.”

CAM’s Warm-A-Family program supplies firewood, coal, stoves, and other supplies to keep people warm as winter sets in. Many in Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and other countries face winter with dread, praying for ways to heat their homes. Your support for families like Antin’s strengthens their faith and provides the wonderful gift of warmth.

*Name changed to protect identity

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Yes, I intend to give monthly donations for the Warm-A-Family program. I understand my contributions will be used to provide stoves, and/or funds to buy firewood and pay heating bills for needy people in various countries.