Dear supporter friends,

THANK YOU for your faithful financial support, volunteer work, and prayers in 2023!

Be assured your contributions are a wonderful blessing to the work of Christian Aid Ministries and the multitudes of people around the world who are touched by your love and generosity!

Regardless of the size of your gift or which of our 50-plus programs you chose to support, the Lord can use all to build His kingdom, encourage His people, and glorify His name.

Here at CAM—through our staff on the ground and our contacts around the world—we are constantly
confronted with the cries of the poor, the many people caught in the midst of wars, the victims of natural disasters, and more. The cries come from little children, the elderly, sick, handicapped, and those trying hard to support their families. And then there are the cries of the lost and the seeking. Millions have little or no access to the holy Scriptures. Multitudes are looking for an answer to the void in their hearts.

What a blessing and encouragement your support is in helping us respond to these cries! How sad it would be to know about these needs and not be able to do anything about them. God doesn’t intend for us to do everything, but with your help we can do something!

From all of us at Christian Aid Ministries, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU for your labors of love for the cause of Christ! It is indeed a privilege to work together with you in the effort to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” in this needy world. All honor and glory to HIM (Revelation 4:11)!

David N. Troyer, General Director