Hurricane Harvey blasted the coast of Texas on Friday night, August 25, bringing with it one of the worst flooding disasters in U.S. history. Over 50 inches of rain fell in parts of southeastern Texas.

Heartrending stories are emerging from victims and emergency workers. Tens of thousands of people were trapped in Houston as floodwaters rose. One source related that as floodwaters reached roof lines of single-story houses, people could be heard pleading for help in­side. A news report told of a shivering toddler clinging to the body of her drowned mother who had tried to carry her child to safety.

As the waters recede, the danger and devastation will be far from over. Forecasters are predicting that bayous and large rivers will remain above flood levels well into September.

Over the coming months, people will be struggling to return to normal life, but it will be far from normal. Residents of the affect­ed areas will face the immense task of rebuilding. Many peo­ple who could not afford insurance on their homes are facing the overwhelming reality that they may never regain a new or reno­vated home unless they receive outside assistance.

Christian Aid Ministries, USA, has been working tirelessly in the flooded region. The Search & Rescue teams assisted with moving more than 400 stranded people to safe locations.

Rapid Response Services are beginning the arduous task of clean­ing up. The Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen trailer has served thou­sands of meals to displaced people.

A Rapid Response Team Leader reported, “It’s bigger than anything we can imagine. This could end up being one of the largest flood cleanup projects that CAM has ever faced.” A former president of the American Meteorological Society commented, “I think it could end up being the most catastrophic flood event of U.S. history.”

This disaster poses an excellent opportunity for God’s people to reach out in Christian love to help these devas­tated communities!

Christian Aid Ministries, Canada will contribute to this rebuild­ing effort through our Crisis Response Program. If you wish to help with funds, you can donate below. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

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