Hello, my name is Lena and I live in Ukraine. My mom and dad work hard to buy food and clothes for our family of six. Even though they work hard, we don’t have much money and it takes a long time to save. CAM gave my family a gift that helps us save some money! They gave us a package of good seeds to plant in our garden last summer. The seeds grew into big plants and provided lots of fresh vegetables! My mom canned some of the vegetables for the long, cold winter. I love the peppers, beets, cucumbers, and other good food we still have to eat from our garden.

Now we won’t need to spend so much money on food and can save that money to finish building our house. My dad is building a house for us, but we cannot finish it until we have more money. My parents say the seeds CAM gave us are a blessing from the Lord!


Lena and her father admire the plants in their garden that grew from the seeds CAM gave them.


Many people from Eastern Europe depend on the vegetables from their gardens to feed their families.


Canned vegetables are a blessing to many families during winter months.

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