The residents in Fort McMurray Alberta are devasted. It’s been only 4 years since the wildfires raged through their area, and now this spring, 13,000 residents were forced to evacuate as the Athabasca River overflowed. A massive ice jam measuring 24 km in length created a blockage, causing the water to spill over into the community. It is reported that the flood has caused damage to 1,230 buildings. The mayor of the city estimates that the damages will reach 100 million dollars.

CAM’s Rapid Response Services team has been mobilized to provide assistance and support to the victims of this natural disaster. They are involved with helping to clean up building and property damage caused by the flood. The presence of caring people who are there to lift the overwhelming burden of loss brings hope and healing to pain-filled hearts. There is an accompanying opportunity to share the light of the gospel.

With tears in her eyes, an older woman shared her story of heartache and loss in the flood. She thanked the RRS team for coming to assist her and her husband during this time of critical need.

Another recipient of aid said: “Thank you very much for your help. It feels like angels have descended. Thank you!”

Our team met a 4-year-old girl who had experienced 3 evacuations in her short lifetime. These tragic events included the 2016 wildfire, a previous flood and the current disaster imposed by the overflowing river. The team Field Coordinator’s wife presented this dear, traumatized child with a doll as a token of love and support.

After each cleanup project is completed, a staff member presents the homeowner with an autographed Bible and concludes this visit with a word of prayer. If the team perceives that the recipient is sincerely seeking for truth, the team chaplain is notified. He will follow up with each one, develop an ongoing relationship, and guide them in their journey to find saving faith. God is faithful in using troubled times to bring lost souls to his loving arms.

Rapid Response Services expects to be responding to the flood damage for a few weeks. If you would like to help with the financial costs of the project, we would be grateful.

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