Rapid Response Services – Chaplain

What is the Chaplain Ministry Program?

The Chaplain Ministry Program is designed to send out qualified and trained personnel to work alongside CAM’s Rapid Response teams. Immediately after a major natural disaster, many people suffer panic, injury, loss, or death of a loved one. Without help and care, these people may fall deeper into shock and despair. Many don’t have a network of friends or church family to support them and are desperate for a listening ear and someone to provide them with support and spiritual direction. The chaplain’s ministry is to connect with disaster survivors and point them to the hope and healing that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Meet Lorrie

Lorrie,* a widow, was still grieving the loss of her husband when a flood devastated the home they had enjoyed together. When our chaplain met with Lorrie it was outside her home beside large piles of garbage. Most of the things that were part of her life were gone. Lorrie told our chaplain she cried for two days after she first saw her destroyed home. Although Lorrie wasn’t open to conversation about the Lord our chaplain was able to pray with her, and she readily accepted the Bible given to her as a gift from Christian Aid Ministries Canada. Our prayer continues to be that she will search the scriptures and find peace in Jesus.

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