These girls in Syria eagerly open a hygiene kit to find toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other items that will help them stay clean and healthy. Carefully packed by concerned people in North America, hygiene kits travel to various countries to bless suffering refugees, needy families, victims of natural disasters, and other suffering people. In addition to these kits, layette bundles, school kits, new clothing packs, and children’s care packs provide other much-needed items.

CAM is seeing a huge need for thousands of kits for impoverished families and individuals. Your generosity and donations are helping to meet some of those needs. Thank you, supporters, for all the time, funds, and effort you invest!

If you want to donate kits or see a list of kits and instructions, call 519.638.0829 to request our Projects you can do brochure or visit Kits for the needy. Kits may be dropped off at any CAM location or shipped to our warehouse in Moorefield, ON: Christian Aid Ministries Canada, Attn.: Shipping Department, 1 Parkview Drive, Box 46 Moorefield, ON N0G 2K0. 

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