Food Parcel Program Adopt-A-Family

Food Parcel Program Adopt-A-Family $69.00 provides a 50-pound food parcel. Day after day, many families in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union struggle to exist under continuing serious economic depression. Sufficient food and most other basics are available but often unaffordable for them. Since 1984, God has been using the Adopt-A-Family program to show His care to thousands of needy Christian homes in Haiti, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and some African countries.

Sponsors provide 50 lb. parcels containing basic food and hygiene items, vitamins, a Seed of Truth magazine, and sometimes a Christian book. Besides meeting critical physical needs, these boxes spiritually encourage recipients by proving that somewhere, someone knows and cares about their difficulties.
To donate a on a monthly automated basis, please select the amount from the choices given and click on subscribe below, and walk through step by step to complete the contributions.

Monthly Sponsorship

$75 provide 50lbs or more of food and healthcare items to families in Romania, Liberia, and Haiti.