Shipping Fund

This program finances the shipping costs to move gifts from CAM supporters to international destinations.

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Monthly Sponsorship

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Miatta Cooper has faced health problems since the birth of her daughter. With no one to help her care for her children, this Liberian mother cannot sell items at the market to provide for her two children. Miatta was very grateful to receive a bag of clothing through the Clothing Bundle Project. This quality clothing… Read more…

Tears of gratitude for warm clothing

Minodora, an eighty-two-year-old widow from Romania, can afford to heat only one room in her house during the winter. To stay warm, she dresses in layers of warm clothing. The clothing she receives through CAM’s Clothing Bundle Project is a huge blessing. Minodora’s married daughter would like to help her mother, but her abusive husband… Read more…

Warm clothing for Tajikistan’s winter

Tajikistan is a small country tucked in Central Asia. This country was ruled by the Soviet Union from the 1920s to 1991 and was one of fifteen republics, including Russia, that made up the Soviet Union. Clothing Bundle Project at a glance Clothing is shipped to Tajikistan, Liberia, Belarus, Jordan, Syria, Moldova, Romania, South Sudan,… Read more…