Shipping Fund

This program finances the shipping costs to move gifts from CAM supporters to international destinations.

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Warm clothing for Tajikistan’s winter

Tajikistan is a small country tucked in Central Asia. This country was ruled by the Soviet Union from the 1920s to 1991 and was one of fifteen republics, including Russia, that made up the Soviet Union. Clothing Bundle Project at a glance Clothing is shipped to Tajikistan, Liberia, Belarus, Jordan, Syria, Moldova, Romania, South Sudan,… Read more…

A mother’s face brightened

Our staff in Nicaragua visited Javier and Gloria, who live in a lean-to building with a dirt floor. Poverty was evident all around. Javier earns around $5-$6 each day doing odd jobs. This minimal income creates a challenge for him to support Gloria and their three children. When the staff in Nicaragua gave this family… Read more…

A warm comforter for Marius

Marius is a handicapped eleven-year-old boy who lives in Moldova, a part of the former Soviet Union. His parents live and work in another country, so Marius stays in a Christian home for handicapped boys. Because of his disabilities, he has a feeding tube and spends most of his days in a wheelchair. The gift… Read more…