In some cultures, disabled children and adults are neglected and pushed aside. Some suffer in deplorable conditions without anyone to love and care for them. Hope-for-the-Handicapped supplies food, wheelchairs, health kits, and other aid to disabled individuals, mental institutions, and homes for the elderly and handicapped. The program operates in Liberia, Kenya, Israel, the Palestinian territories and various other places.

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“Why should I be discouraged?”

Martha Espinoza fell off a moving train when she was seven years old. As this Nicaraguan girl lay helplessly on the tracks, the train ran over her, dismembering all four of her limbs. After our staff delivered a new wheelchair to forty-two-year-old Martha, she shared, “I am not discouraged and don’t despair of life. I… Read more…

Showing mercy to the forgotten

Handicapped. Disabled. For thousands around the world, these diagnoses bring humiliation, rejection, and poverty. Many people who suffer from blindness, cerebral palsy, or other disabilities are abandoned by family and shunned by society. They are often left to fend for themselves. Many resort to begging. Much of the world seems to have forgotten the desperate… Read more…

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A smile slowly spread over Milagro’s face as he sat in his new wheelchair. Then he started making truck noises. This new gift was an obvious treasure to Milagro, a six-year-old boy from Nicaragua who has Down Syndrome. Milagro’s parents use a wheelchair to take him to church and other places, but his previous wheelchair… Read more…