A large number of Coptic Christians in the Nile River Valley live in deplorable conditions, marginalized from society. In some areas of Egypt, a large percentage of these Christians are unable to read or write. Marginalization, illiteracy, and huge economic difficulties result in chronic poverty and a limited understanding of God’s Word. CAM supports numerous remedial classes that Christian workers have opened in Egypt. The classes teach reading, writing, and math. The children learn Bible verses and principles while experiencing the love of Jesus in practical ways. Without these remedial classes, most of these Egyptian children would not learn to read, write, or understand God’s Word.

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Monthly Sponsorship

Yes, I would like to help children from Coptic Christian homes escape the abuse of government schools and learn to read and write in a loving environment.
$10 per month helps one student.
NOTE: Sponsors will receive a photo and some information for each child.