Families in Nicaragua share with our staff of their ongoing struggle to find steady work to generate an income. Through CAM’s Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program, 750 families receive a monthly food parcel that reminds of God’s goodness and allows them to use their small income for other essentials.

The food parcels are a great blessing to Gavina and her family who have suffered much heartache. Gavina’s husband abandoned the family years ago, leaving her to shoulder the load of providing for her home. Several of her children are mentally handicapped and unable to earn an income. She also cares for her granddaughter, whose mother was killed in an accident.

One of Gavina’s sons sends her some money, but it is not nearly enough to meet all the family’s needs. Supporters’ gifts of food help them survive, and they stretch the food as long as possible.

In another Nicaraguan home, Vicenta suffers from Parkinson’s disease and can’t even straighten her back anymore. Like Gavina, she cares for a handicapped son. When CAM workers delivered a food parcel, her son excitedly grabbed the can of chicken, held it to his nose, and turned it over and over to smell it.

This family loves the chicken, oil, rice, and other ingredients in the parcel. They make a cornmeal dough and fill it with rice, chicken, and vegetables. Then they fold it like a half-moon pie and fry it in oil. This is a highlight for them when they receive the parcel.

Included with each parcel, the Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine provides spiritual nourishment. Thank you, supporters, for providing these food parcels. They are monthly reminders of God’s goodness!

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