Moorefield Building Project 2020

Information Update: Moorefield Building Project 2020

Dear CAM Canada Supporter,

In Matthew 26:11, the Bible says, “For ye have the poor always with you.” Jesus was reminding his disciples that there will be perpetual opportunity to reach out and bless those who are experiencing poverty and adversity in life. In a fallen world, the effects of sin and darkness will always serve as a precedent to suffering. God continues to bless the efforts of Christian Aid Ministries Canada to reach our valued fellow-humanity that are caught in these tragic conditions with material aid, given in the Name of Jesus. We pray that these eternal souls would be impacted and become believers in Christ through every outreach project and program.

As new fields of service continue to develop in the world, there is an ongoing practical need to keep operations here in Canada running efficiently and to a scale that synchronizes with growing outreach opportunities. The Board of Directors has authorized a building planning committee to research the possibilities of expanding warehouse needs and replacing aging facilities. After weeks of research, the committee has successfully concluded that this project is attainable in terms of site planning, township approval and building code compliance. Preliminary designing is currently underway for a new 16,000 sq. ft. building including a warehouse, processing facility, fellowship hall and additional office space.

Why is a new building needed in 2020?

  1. The aging Clothing Centre in Wallenstein Ontario is no longer large enough to meet the expanding process of sorting, preparing and shipping donations of clothing, footwear, bedding and kits to international destinations. 2640 sq. ft. of the new building will be designated as a clothing sorting room, along with a portion of the general warehouse being used to store unprocessed donations and completed clothing bundles. After the building project is completed, the existing rented Clothing Centre would no longer be used.
  2. The Reapers of Hope Vegetable Dehydration Facility is looking for more warehousing space. This project continues to provide nutritious vegetable soup to grateful recipients worldwide. The process of receiving 15+ varieties of fresh vegetables, stockpiling barrels of dried product classified by kind, and storing skids of completed packages of food prior to shipping requires additional space. Approximately 5200 sq. ft. of warehousing and shipping & receiving space will be shared jointly by Reapers of Hope and other CAM programs.
  3. Since the addition of CAM Canada’s Drop-Off Depot Network with locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, northern Ontario (Massey) and southern Ontario (Leamington), the added flow of donated items has increased substantially. As these donations flow into Moorefield in preparation for shipping, added warehousing is needed to accommodate this generous influx of products.
  4. The west end of the building will be referred to as the “Projects Centre”.  The goal of administration is to provide a facility that is accessible to all CAM supporters to organize and host projects such as kit assembly, comforter knotting, clothes sorting and a wide variety of “value added” services such as altering clothing, binding comforters etc. The Projects Centre will have a separate parking lot, fellowship room and adequate facilities that will allow for two projects to occur simultaneously at the Moorefield location – one event in the Reapers of Hope area in Zone 1 and one event in the Projects Centre in Zone 2.

How will the new building project be funded?

The Board of Directors is looking to acquire 50% of the building budget on hand before the project begins Lord willing in the spring of 2020. The estimated, fully-burdened cost is currently assessed at $1,700,000. CAM Canada will provide tax receipts for donations designated for the “Building Project 2020” fund. If, by God’s grace, the entire project can be funded on a cash basis by CAM’s generous supporters, there will be no need to transition to loan-based donations to fund the remaining 50%.

Who “owns” Christian Aid Ministries Canada?

No single person, entity or church group own this ministry. Christian Aid Ministries Canada is an independent Christian organization with a recognized charitable status under the Canadian government. The Board of Directors uses an election procedure to assign new members to office, renew expired terms, and appoint officers for internal functions such as chairman, vice-chairman and secretary. Administrative staff is hired by the Board of Directors to run programs and provide leadership. Everyone – board members, staff, volunteers and all supporters – is part of this ministry! In addition to fervent prayer for the Holy Spirit’s direction, the Board uses directives such as the designation of funds and supporter feedback to help determine future aspirations.

The ultimate vested interest in this project and all of CAM Canada’s operations is not held by people; it is God’s work with the overarching motive of bringing glory to His Name. 1Corinthians 10:31 instructs us: “Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” It is the desire of the Board of Directors that every effort and ambition of this ministry would fulfill this Biblical mandate.

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