Ileana’s home is a little green house in the Romanian village of Protopopesti. She lives alone, and her 11 children do little to care for her.

A Christian worker who visited Ileana’s house remarked that “it was hardly good enough for animals.”  Rats have chewed holes through the small, mud-walled kitchen area. Ileana fears dying alone at home, knowing her house is overrun with rodents. The air is hazy because her old woodstove leaks smoke. Ileana sometimes opens a window to let out the smoke, which allows the cold to seep in.

Since 2020, Ileana has received free milk through the Milk-for-Many-Mouths program. Milk provides nutrients that are especially important for Ileana’s health problems. Thank you, supporters, for caring for people like this vulnerable woman through the gift of free, nutritious milk!

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