Jesus served others when He walked on this earth. He did good to all, whether a leper, a lame man, or a hungry crowd.

Our staff and contacts in the Middle East seek to follow Jesus’ example by feeding the hungry, encouraging the downtrodden, and sharing Words of Life in the land where He walked. Various programs and projects provide unique opportunities to touch lives.

Blessing the handicapped: In Bethlehem, our staff members operate a small shop to repair, assemble, and distribute wheelchairs and other supplies for the handicapped. Recently, they visited 60-year-old Yasmin*, who was discouraged because poor health had kept her inside for months. The team remembered the wheelchair they brought, intended for a man they just learned had died. They gave this wheelchair to Yasmin. “We set up the wheelchair,” a staff member wrote, “and were about to leave when she said she wants to get into that chair and go outside. She was a little wobbly, but she made it into the chair. Her husband started to wheel her, but she soon put her own hands to the wheels to propel herself. She was beaming with joy.”

Encouraging widows: In Luke 7, Jesus gave a wonderful gift to a widow when He brought her son back to life. We can’t give life, but we can show Christ-like care to widows through practical gifts like food. Our staff recently accompanied a food parcel distribution for Christian widows in Egypt. Big smiles appeared as the widows received their parcels.

Helping people provide for themselves: Jesus likely worked with His father in the family carpenter business. Even the father of Jesus worked to provide for his own. To help breadwinners provide, we offer self-help resources for people like Nassir, who received a tuk-tuk (motorbike taxi) to help him earn an income for his struggling family.

Easing physical and spiritual hunger: Our contacts delivered a food parcel to a lonely widower and shared encouraging words. “Thank you for remembering me and visiting me and for bringing the food parcel,” he told them. “But my joy in your presence . . . and you sharing my pain of the loss of my wife was much bigger than my joy in the food parcel. I thank you from my heart . . .”

Thank you, supporters, for enabling this ministry in the land of the Bible.

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