Amir* was injured in 2017 and could no longer provide for his family. Our contacts gave this Palestinian family four sheep to help create an income. They now are able to sell cheese, yogurt, and wool products such as blankets, toys, and pillows.

Four years later, our contacts met with the family and asked about the project. “We now have 11 sheep,” Amir’s wife told them excitedly. “We appreciate what the sheep project has done for us, but it also helped us think of helping others. We have been trying to help other families start their own sheep projects. We will give one of these lambs to a poor family.” The gift of sheep keeps on giving.

In addition to providing income sources such as animals, Middle East Ministries reaches out in the land of the Bible by providing food parcels, wheelchairs, and other relief.

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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