Jesus walked on this earth with a heart to serve others. He showed compassion to all men, whether a seeking Pharisee, small children, or a blind beggar.

Two thousand years later, Middle East Ministries shows the love of God in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Gaza, and Jordan. This program cares for handicapped people, feeds hungry mouths, enables fathers to provide for their families, visits widowed and elderly folks, and teaches parents to value and love children. This is possible only with God’s blessing and your generosity to walk in His footsteps.

Caring for the handicapped

Handicapped people in the Middle East are often regarded as having little worth. Some are confined to dark, damp rooms, shunned from society. Giving them a wheelchair to help them get around is like giving back part of their life. Our staff recently visited a lonely person to give her a wheelchair. She shared, “No one has come since COVID-19. Thank you for coming!” Her tears told her gratefulness even more than words.

Teaching that God values children

Project Baby Moses provides support for needy mothers considering abortion, encouraging them to keep their precious babies. One mother who received aid through Project Baby Moses said, “I am so grateful for your generous donations which saved the life of my son. Because of you I was given the possibility to raise my child with dignity and to create a good life for him in which he can develop character.”

Supporting the widowed and elderly

Some of the most vulnerable people in the Middle East are the widowed and elderly. They rely mainly on their children or others who care enough to help them. Support-A-Widow and Help-for-the-Elderly food parcels help ease their burdens. A visit from a believer who delivers the food shows them that someone cares.

Helping fathers provide for their children

Family-Self-Support projects help needy families find ways to sustain themselves. Amir* in Gaza was eager to show our staff member his fishing project. His sons work together to fish, using a net and boat provided by CAM supporters. “Fishing is good,” Amir said. “Thank you for your help. Please let us make you a fish dinner to say thank you!”

Thank you, supporters, for enabling this ministry to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and share His compassion in the land of the Bible.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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One-time Donation

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