Medicine and Nutrition for the Suffering

With well-stocked medicine cabinets and easy access to doctors and hospitals, most of us in Canada find it hard to imagine life otherwise. But what is normal for us is rare in many parts of the world. For some, the nearest clinic is several days’ walk away. If perchance people have the option of going to a hospital, there is no promise that medicines will be available to help them. Without life-giving treatment, many die from basic sicknesses.

Hospitals in impoverished countries don’t always have supplies on hand to help patients

When two Romanian children were severely burned in a cooking accident, Christians from the area prayed earnestly. The family of twelve was poor, and everyone knew this medical need would be a tremendous burden to them. Over 70 percent of the children’s bodies were burned. Although the children were taken to a hospital, that was no promise of recovery. Hospitals in Romania don’t always have the needed supplies and medicines on hand to help patients.

A Christian Romanian doctor found out about the accident and looked through her stock of medicines from CAM. Immediately she sent her last bottle of Silvadene burn cream for the suffering children.

The doctors at the hospital were shocked when they saw the children’s mother with Silvadene cream. “How did you get this cream?” they asked. The doctors knew this valuable medicine was completely out of reach for a poor family to buy.

The mother replied, “Yes, we are poor, but we have a God who has everything. Also, we have many brothers and sisters who are ready to help when there is a need.” After two weeks of treatment with Silvadene, the children were well on their way to recovery.

Medicines and supplements can make the difference between life and death

Six-year-old Erica was so weak and thin when she arrived at a CAM-supported clinic in Liberia that she could not stand on her own. Ruth, a nurse at the clinic, looked at her and said, “I don’t know if she will live.”

With the help of drinks rich in nutrients, Erica began to grow stronger. Now she is able to run and play again.

Erica is one of many malnourished children brought to CAM-supported clinics. Some of their lives are hanging in the balance. Appropriate medicine and nutrition can make the difference between life and death.

Your contribution is a blessing to the sick and suffering around the world

Since life is a gift from God, CAM endeavors to help the sick and suffering by providing high-quality medicines, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements. Each year, generous companies donate truckloads of these items to CAM. Although the products are donated, funds are needed to ship these items overseas and distribute them responsibly.

We are able to ship and distribute $30 worth of medicines, medical supplies, and nutritional items for every dollar given to our Medicines-for-Multitudes program. The financial needs of this program are much greater than the present income. If you wish to help provide life-saving supplies for the sick, your contribution will be a blessing.

“ . . . I was sick,

and ye visited me.” Matthew 25:36

Monthly Sponsorship

Yes, I intend to give monthly donations to help ship and distribute urgently needed medicines and supplies to suffering people in Romania, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, and Kenya.