You are probably all aware of the massive earthquake (9.0 on the richter scale)

which struck Japan on Friday, March 11. The earthquake triggered a tsunami

which hit minutes later. On top of these twin disasters is the danger of radiation  

from damaged nuclear reactors. Tens of thousands are feared dead. Millions are

without electricity, water and food. Hundreds of thousands are in homeless shelters.

Whole communities are still under water; some are still inaccessible.


Most Japanese follow Shintoism or Buddhism. Less than 2% consider themselves Christian.

How sad in a great tragedy like this, when many have lost loved ones and all their earthly possessions,

that most of the Japanese people do not have God to cling to!


What is CAM Planning to Do?

 Initially, we plan to provide emergency aid through local churches in Japan that are close to the situation.

Lord willing, we will be dispatching CAM staff to Japan this week so that we have boots on the ground.

In addition to emergency aid, we hope to use this opportunity to develop and distribute

Christian literature. It is our hope and prayer this great tragedy will lead to the saving of eternal souls.

It does not look at this time like we will be sending medical teams to Japan.

Please pray for the people of Japan in their great hour of need! Our almighty God is still in control.

David N Troyer
General Director

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