The 9.0 earthquake, which struck Japan at 2:46 p.m. on

March 11, was the fifth largest earthquake ever recorded and

the biggest in Japan’s history. Minutes after the earthquake,

a 23-foot wall of water from a quake-triggered tsunami

slammed Japan’s eastern coast. To compound problems,

the cooling systems at six of Japan’s nuclear reactors were

knocked out causing a serious nuclear emergency, second

only to that of Chernobyl twenty-five years ago.

Thousands of bodies have washed ashore. At this writing,

25,104 people have died or are unaccounted for. Millions

struggled for days with inadequate food, heat, and water,

while temperatures hovered near freezing with biting

winds and snow flurries. Hundreds of thousands stayed in

temporary shelters.

Devastation in Japan


“We are struggling desperately to recover,” said Yoshihiro,

governor of the worst affected region of Miyagi. “I am afraid

it’s going to take a few years to revive. The disaster was far

bigger than we prepared for.”

CAM dispatched several team members to Japan who

are coordinating our relief efforts. As with all our Crisis

Response projects, we are giving priority to sharing the

Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian literature.

Japan has a population of 127 million, with less than

two percent calling themselves Christian. Most Japanese

follow Shintoism or Buddhism. The regions hardest hit by

the earthquake and subsequent tsunami are considered

the “darkest” spiritually by most missionaries. A contact

in Japan shared there are about 4.9 million people in these

regions, with a mere 9,000 active Christians. How sad that

in this great national calamity when many have lost loved

ones and all their earthly possessions, most Japanese do

not have God to cling to!

A visitor to the town of Kesennuma wrote:

The tsunami swept up homes and cars and then churned them into pieces

like a giant sheet of sandpaper scrubbing everything in its
wake. The town’s hospital still stands, its doors and windows
blown out by the water. A small boat is perched on what was

once a third-story balcony.

The humanitarian needs in the quake/tsunami area are

serious, but the psychological effect is nationwide. The

disaster has left the normally self-reliant Japanese feeling

very vulnerable. Please pray that through this tragedy many

would open their hearts to the Word of God and prepare

themselves for eternity! Pray also for our team members

in Japan and CAM staff as they decide how best to help.

Your contributions will go for humanitarian aid and

Christian literature for Japan. If the Lord leads you to help,

your gift of love will be greatly appreciated.

“Be merciful unto me, O God . . . in the shadow of thy

wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be

overpast.” Psalm 57:1

God bless you!

Christian Aid Ministries of Waterloo

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