“As we were trying to survive amidst of these calamities, you saved us from hunger,” shared Akram* family in Yemen. Akram is the only supporter of a family of six. He worked in a stone quarry until a large stone fell on his back and caused paralysis. When our contacts visited Akram and his family, they said, “We used to get flour from our neighbors, but how much can the neighbor give? If we ask them one more time, they won’t continue to give to us. May God bless you for this food.”

Fear, hunger, and starvation are a few of the countless day-to-day issues Yemenis face. Gifts of basic items like oil, flour, beans, and rice, although nearly insignificant to many of us, are a symbol of hope to struggling people in Yemen.  For some, the monthly food items they receive is one of their only sources of food.

*Name changed to protect identity

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