For countless Yemenis, conflict in their homeland has been reality for over six years. Since the beginning of the war in 2014, conflict, famine, and disease have killed nearly 250,000 people. Following is an overview of some of the challenges the Yemen’s people face.

Yemen’s major food insecurities

Food prices in Yemen are soaring to twice, and at times triple, the typical price of food. Thousands of Yemenis are unable to afford basic food items. As a result, half a million people across the country face famine conditions.

No signs of war ending

Every part of Yemen feels the effects of its divided government. In 2020, new war fronts sprung up in parts of Yemen. Many who have fled their homes would love to return, but cannot because of continued fighting.

What is the biggest challenge to the people of Yemen?

Yemenis face a serious lack of security. They fear for their lives, whether from the actual fighting or from food insecurity. As the war continues, parents are tiring of raising a family in such conditions.

Yemen’s, Christian Aid Minstries

A camp for displaced Yemenis

What CAM is doing to help

CAM is reaching out to the people of Yemen by providing food and cooking gas to those in need. Through our contacts in the country, CAM also supplies rainwater collection systems to provide clean water. Safe, clean water is a precious gift in Yemen. Thousands of people in the country have died from water-borne diseases.

Here are the words of two grateful recipients:

“I have a large household and my sons and daughters need food,” shared Anwar.* My sons and daughters and I were so happy when we received the food assistance. I thank God who guided you to support me and other needy and vulnerable people. The food basket will meet and cover our basic needs of food and will contribute to improving our living situation . . . Thank you, thank you.”

Shahid* is a disabled father who struggles to provide for his family of twelve. He says, “I cannot tell you how pleased I am with receiving the assistance. This basket came at a time when we are most in need of such items. This assistance provided us with everything, especially basic items we can’t afford due to soaring prices. Thank you to all who provided us with these items.”

Yemen’s, Christian Aid Ministries

Food distribution

*Names in this post are changed to protect identities.

As the situation in Yemen continues to worsen, the cry for help becomes more desperate. If you would like to help support the Yemen Silently Starves program, please click below to give a one-time gift.

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