The looming winter months concern many Ukrainians who feel the effects of a war-tattered land. Even before the war, winter in Ukraine created hardships for many people. Thousands of people, especially the elderly, need aid to help them get through the freezing temperatures in the months ahead.

The largest national oil and gas company in Ukraine is currently in debt default because of the invasion. Other fuel storage facilities were destroyed by missiles. This continues to increase the fuel price and creates a growing concern of a gas shortage this winter. Some cities and villages already lost their gas supply.

People who are able to afford or find firewood are trying to buy some before cold weather sets in. But those who were set up with gas heat often don’t have woodstoves and buying one is a huge expense to already struggling families.

CAM is finding that Ukrainian winter needs even surpass the vast demand for food that became prevalent after the conflict. Some of the ways we are trying to help people prepare for the cold months ahead is through firewood, money for firewood, woodstoves, and blankets.

A family who received firewood from CAM shared, “Many businesses are closed and there is almost no work available. It is difficult to support our family. But the Lord, by His immense love to us, takes care of our needs through your Christian responsive and loving hearts.”

Winter in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministires

CAM is working with churches in Ukraine to repair and rebuild houses.

Rebuilding homes before winter

The many damaged homes add another complexity to Ukrainians preparing for the long winter. The fighting in some areas has subsided and people are returning to their homes, if they still have one. But for too many of them, their home is not how they left it. Missiles and bombs left their mark on many houses and in some cases completely shattered them.

CAM is working with Ukrainian churches to enable them to help repair their neighbors’ homes. Our goal is to start fixing houses that are still repairable to keep them from deteriorating further. Later, we hope to start providing new houses or temporary housing for people whose home was destroyed.

Your support has been a tremendous blessing in helping us provide crucial aid to people as they prepare for the coming winter in Ukraine.

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