CAM staff in Israel are working with contacts to bring relief to residents of Gaza and Israel suffering from more than a month of intense warfare. 

After Hamas’ initial assault on southern Israel on October 7, Israel responded with heavy air strikes in Gaza. In recent weeks, Israel launched a ground invasion of northern Gaza, encircling the capital, Gaza City. Contacts in Gaza told CAM staff that even children have become so accustomed to the bombing that they can identify the origin and type of missile launched.  

Israel has warned Gaza’s residents to flee south as they invade northern Gaza. A limited number of aid vehicles are allowed into Gaza through its border with Egypt, but supplies of food, medicine, and other essentials are scarce.  

CAM staff in Israel are working through contacts to provide food and medical aid to suffering Gazans, as well as food and clothing for needy Israelis in southern Israel near the Gaza border.  

Tensions continue between Israel and Iran-backed groups in Syria and Lebanon, raising the possibility of a larger regional war. Our staff in Israel remain on the ground to monitor the situation and continue working with contacts to bring relief to the many suffering on both sides.  


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