As Russian forces approached her village, Ludmila, a Ukrainian widow, fled with her 30-year-old handicapped son. They took refuge in western Europe until the Russians were driven out of the area. When Ludmila returned, she found her house bearing the harsh marks of artillery fire: bullet-riddled walls, blown-out windows, and a splintered roof. How could she rebuild with her meager $55 monthly pension?

With funds from CAM supporters, our staff coordinated with local contractors to repair Ludmila’s house. She says, “Thank you very much for this aid. I wish God’s blessings to the people who donated funds!”

Ludmila’s repaired house is shown below.

The average cost to repair/rebuild one house is $8,500. Funding is needed for this ongoing effort. To help support the Ukraine War Rebuilding program, please click the button below to give a gift.

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