Over the years, CAM has connected with many contacts affiliated with various churches and organizations. Many of these contacts are reaching out by feeding and helping people who were forced to flee their homes. One of our specific goals here at CAM is to supply those churches and organizations with humanitarian aid, which consists largely of food. We are also providing blankets, medicine, Christian literature, and firewood as we move toward preparing Ukrainians for winter.

Prepare Ukrainians for winter, Christian Aid Ministries

This woman gathers sticks that she hopes will help provide a little warmth in the looming winter months.

 There are great needs in the areas close to the fighting. But we realize the needs may be just as great in other areas. Many displaced people who were forced to flee their homes no longer have jobs, housing, and food. We are thankful that we can purchase much of what we need directly in the country. We also receive several containers a month from America. 

Prepare Ukrainians for winter, Christian Aid Ministries

CAM’s rebuilding project is helping people like this believer whose home was severely damaged in the war.

 Rebuilding Damaged Homes 

CAM has also started a rebuilding project. We feel the urgency to help people rebuild their houses before winter sets in. Much wisdom is needed as we move ahead with this because the needs are endless. However, we can help only a small percentage of people. Our focus is largely on helping widows, the elderly, and people who have no way to rebuild on their own. We are hiring Ukrainian contractors to do the work. Several crews are working in various areas. 

 Our prayer is that the aid would not only be used to meet the physical needs but would also serve as a tool to meet the greatest needs of man—the spiritual needs. We have heard various pastors say that people are much more open to the Gospel since experiencing the trauma of war.  

Update from CAM staff in Ukraine 

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